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The Ultimate Jewellery Guide While You’re At Work From Home

Whether you work from home or at the office meetings don’t matter. In the end, the same amount of dedication and presentations are expected in both situations. Giving minimal touch-ups or wearing jewellery will always remain inclusive of the whole presentation.
If you’re confused about how to present your look these days. We, the Silberry team is going to provide you with the ultimate jewellery guide while you’re at work from home.
Let’s get started.

Guide 1.Believe in Minimalistic Designs

We think this is the best guide ever that we should recommend to you at first. Go for any earrings, necklaces, pendants, but on the other hand, keep in mind not to overdress yourself in a formal situation.

Minimalistic designs that highlight your overall dress code and give you a subtle look is the one you should look forward to, especially if you’re all time busy and want a quick look and easy to wear accessories.

Click here to explore a few minimalist ranges of jewellery.

Guide 2. Give Bracelets a Chance

You can’t deny one fact for sure that hand gestures and body language are the powerhouses of your personality. To add an extra feature while you head for a meeting, the bracelet can be your best buddy who will be going to celebrate your success and look in every possible way.

The collection of bracelets made of silver shares a special heart suitable for any look you want to make. Check out our bracelet collections at

Guide 3. Pendants- The Ultimate Love!

Sometimes people notice small things and get impressed easily. Yes, we know that impression isn’t everything for you. But, reflecting on your ‘all about you’ self can inspire people around you. Pendants are the quintessential example of it, that is, engaging others with your true self.

Start finding your better self at the collection from Silberry. For more details, click here.

Guide 4. Go For Stud Earrings!

If you aren’t that huge fan of jewellery, we’re sure that you’ll love to have studs under your limited jewellery collections. Studs go best for any work from home or any online meetings. It gives an overview of detailed and classic design. Thus, we cannot resist involving this in our ultimate jewellery guide.

For an office look, we suggest, you match it with an aesthetic watch and see the magic! To complete your look, check here


Guide 5. Add Round Centric Jewellery

Trust us, this form of jewellery makes you feel more great and confident about yourself. Wearing a round centric pair of earrings or danglers or a pendant can be highly fashionable yet giving you a full of modesty look. And, how can we forget about the trend going on regarding the same? Make sure that the size should be small or medium.

Here we are dropping off our personal favourite which can suit your work from home look as well. Check out our Rose Gold Arista Pendant Set.


However, change is constant and following the norms of what to wear and what not to isn’t a necessity because the choice is YOURS. Make your best day out of it, that’s it!

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Have a great day!

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