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At Silberry, the stupendous beauty of Silver, one of the nature’s most admirable yet humble creation, is handcrafted into a range of awe-inspiring fashion jewellery. We discover the arts hidden across the lanes in different parts of the world and bring out the fashion that you will fall for. Our every design is inspired by the hope & charm that lies in YOU, shouldn’t we call that your silver? So, Express Your Silver.


At Silberry, New is not just a section for us, ‘New’ is our culture. We strive everyday to carve the newest ideas, designs & possibilities in fashion, made of silver.

Express Your Silver

Silberry’s love for silver is so dear,
that we craft it’s jewellery, you would yearn to flaunt & wear.


Hear what you wear

Jewellery that whimpers love in your ears

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