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Latest Silver Earrings for 2022 –

Are you planning to buy latest silver earrings for yourself or to gift your closer ones like your mom? Sterling silver earrings can be the best choice for all women as it is the reflection of your personality, beauty, and the century in which you’re living. 

For example, in the Aryan period in India, gold and decorative jewellery were the most prestigious way to highlight their society. Likewise, in today’s generation, most women embrace themselves by choosing silver, or platinum jewellery of minimalistic designs over highly ornamental designs. Something such as simple silver stud earrings is the choice of the modern woman.

Having said that, every jewellery type has its light and uniqueness.

Anyways, let’s move on and check out some latest silver earrings for women available online from Silberry

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With a crystal clear window-like appearance, these sterling silver earrings have surely stolen your heart after gazing at the above image for a minute.

What motivates us to keep this one in the first row is you. Yes, you! Because we feel this is going to be the perfect gift for yourself or your close ones. Also, no worries as we deliver free shipping all over India.

PS: We don’t break promises.

Just sit back and order it now.

Price: ₹2,699 ₹1,725


It gives no second to notice it because of its basic and so ‘honest’ design. Just like most silver stud earrings, this is too a circular-shaped earring with stone and stroke lines filled over it. Not only that, this latest earring can be your ‘go-to’ earring collection for any occasion. 

So, get ready to get this one on your list at the best offers only on our official website


Price: ₹2,999 ₹1,954

Turn your usual day into an unusual one by trying out this pair of earrings that comes in our latest collections. Doubting about whether it goes well or not in real? Just to remind you, our sterling silver earrings collection is completely based on the quality which means it’s 92.5% pure and rhodium plated to avoid tarnishing. Overall, giving a premium look.

Price: ₹2,899 ₹1,351


Want a gorgeous pair of affordable sterling silver earrings? Go for this latest one that aims to enhance your party/any occasion look by its elegance bordered by several white stones. And, how to forget about its ideal design inspired by the mermaid’s tail will make you fall in love with this along with contentment.

Silberry does have the gold rose collection of this earring, take a look at here.

Price: ₹2,699 ₹1,849


These sleek sterling silver earrings are too prominent to take your eyes off.  As we can see in the picture, there are four distinctive leaf petals present that are folded precisely the way you see a leaf remains half folded naturally.

We are aware of the fact that soon these latest earrings are going to be one in a hundred. So don’t wait, get it now in just ₹1,849 by clicking here.  Hurry up for experiencing the best offers available for NOW!

Price: ₹2,899 ₹1,849


These silver stud earrings are based on the idea of illusion formed by rotation which catches the uncaptured. That’s the beauty of this earring, used as a day to day jewellery wear.

Keep it close to you by ordering now from here.

Price: ₹2,699 ₹1,849


This is another simply pretty silver stud earrings that come under our latest collections of earrings. The neatness of the design is something to get impressed at first sight. The folding of its petals over each other captures the exact pattern of pencil shaving or any paper form of art.

To ensure a perfect look, pair it with Silver Frill Pendant with Chain

Price: ₹4,399 ₹2,849


We know right, antique pieces of jewellery have a phenomenal style that we all love it! No doubt, this latest sterling silver earring deserves the seat in the first row for the power that it holds in the coin, Queen Victoria itself.

Coming to the point, it can make you look wow with any traditional or indo-western attire. Or, you can gift someone who loves the combination of silver and antique, or just love to travel around historical places. Sounds great!

To grab the rose gold version, click here.

Price: ₹2,499 ₹1,351


Simple, charm, and bright. These three words are enough to describe this latest collection of silver earrings for women from Silberry. Wearing this beautiful earring will make you feel like you’re owning your family time by your simplicity and charisma. So, why wait? Obtain your wish by adding this little star pole ASAP!

Price: ₹2,499 ₹1,849


These pretty sterling silver stud earrings will give you butterflies roaming around your personality and looks. Be it any normal day outing, or hang out with your buddies, this can be your personal favourite if you are the girl next door kind of woman. Also, it can work as a beautiful gift to your best friend on her birthday. Just think about it!

Price: ₹2,899 ₹1,876


This takes you the detailed ride of mini jewellery like this one with repeated strokes over it serves as the detail of the overall look.

The pros of this latest earring are of course easy to wear, nurtures any simple look, plus polished with the finest glow-giving .925 sterling silver.

Price: ₹2,599 ₹1,399


Ah, how can we do not mention this which remains one of the best collections from Silberry so far now?

Again, this earring suits flawlessly with any type of occasion or for any purpose. The signature trendy look is enough to attract anyone. Just go for it!

Price: ₹2,899 ₹1,849


You can add this to your daily collections finish with a modest yet shiny appearance. The 360° view of the wheel lined with hearts looks impressive in terms of detailing and design formation.

It also consists of 4 different AAA complementary coloured stones, that are easily adjustable. For more information, just click on the above title.

Price: ₹3,399 ₹1,849


Another best from the women’s silver stud collection that Silberry has for you. This highly centric piece earring comes with the best fitted freshwater pearl. In short, no compromise in quality that simply justifies the overall look.

Wondering about whether the whole set of this same design is available or not? Don’t worry. Fortunately, YES! You can directly hop on to the link by clicking here.

Price: ₹4,599 ₹2,288


These geometrically shaped earrings give a neat and clean look. The design’s inspiration is as identical as few others, like the one we’ve mentioned here right next to star pole earrings.

So, wear it and keep your head high!

For more similar silver stud earring designs, check here:

Use code FLAT300 and get ₹300 off on all purchases above ₹2000.

So, that’s all about today’s blog. To buy our latest earring collection, do check out the website a look and order NOW.

See you soon on another day with another piece.

For now, take care and have a great day!

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  1. Amazing! Every piece of earring has a very unique design and captivates the eye. I really liked these earrings a lot. I think that they are truly very beautiful. I also like the way in which you have provided information on these pieces of earrings. It was a pleasure reading your article. I will definitely share this article with my family and friends for their reference.

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