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Exclusive Unique Silver Jewellery Here at Silberry

What is unique to you? If we talk about our definition, uniqueness gives us a sense of rareness that fights against all standards to be one in hundreds. Today we will take you on a small tour-like of exclusive unique silver jewellery here at Silberry.

Let’s take a closer look! 

1. Silver Wheel of Heart Adjustable Ring


Unique Reason(s) to Buy

  • Changeable 4-coloured stones
  • Highly adjustable 

Unique Reason(s) to Buy

  • Mermaid’s tail shaped sleek design 
  • Get this detailed finishing at an affordable Price

Unique Reason(s) to Buy

  • Coin-like shaped piece
  • Minimalistic antique style

Unique Reason(s) to Buy

  • Lord Krishna’s iconic Basuri
  • High glossy gold plated premium-look

Unique Reason(s) to Buy

  • Multiple tiny pairs of birds.
  • Gives a high definition of the story. 

Unique Reason(s) to Buy

  • Open lock system
  • Crystal radiance

Unique Reason(s) to Buy

  • Deadly Combination of pearl and silver
  • Wearable on any occasion

Let us know in the comment which one of the silver jewellery collection you find unique for yourself. Coming up with the next piece soon, till then stay safe and positive!

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