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5 Ways To Style Silver Jewellery with Any Traditional Wear

To feel beautiful in every traditional wear is the desire of every Indian woman and, silver jewellery is a must to get that ‘desi’ look. We believe detailing is essential when it comes to what you wear, what you do, and what you deliver.
Silver jewellery is one among other types of jewellery that pay heed to detailing, design and texture because of its crispiness and matte finish lie within it. That’s a great feature to take note of, though!
No surprise, here’s another piece from Silberry talking about silver, silver, and silver. Bringing you 5 ways to style silver jewellery i.e pendants, silver necklace sets and silver earrings for women, which they can pull off with any traditional wear.
Enjoy the blog!

1.Focus On One or Two Area(s)

It’s not being minimalistic or believing in simpler looks. It rather comes under the rule book while wearing silver jewellery. Focusing on one area of our body part makes it easier to play well with traditional wear.  ‘Jhumkas’, or a classic pair of silver earrings, or just a silver necklace can do all magic to your desi style. 

2. Power Of Silver Pearl Jewellery

Pair this elegant silver pendant set with your favourite kurta or saree, it looks dramatic and never-tiring. You might wonder what makes it all-powerful? The answer is quite simple. Just go for it and feel it. You’ll get the answer.

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3. Go for Curve Line Silver Designs

Most silver jewellery designs are inspired by curve lines which sounds more organic. The best example of this can be gazing at those old fashioned Indian traditional jewellery designs that are purely based on organic curve lines. Overall giving an exact appearance full of feminism and tranquillity. 

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4. More Volume, More Better

As mentioned before, detailing highly depends on how voluminous the jewellery look? Also, more volume means a better matte finishing look. 

To grab that look, silver jewellery is enough to showcase your self-made definition of statement and boldness. Be it any festive, or wedding occasion, styling it with your favourite ‘lehenga’ to take all eyes on you. 

Now you may have a question, what kind of silver pieces of more volume should we choose? Firstly, be gentle about adding proportion, that is, choose necessary jewellery of better volume to wear over unnecessary ones. Coming to the point, when you need to choose silver jewellery of larger volumes, make sure about one must-have feature which is size. Better the size, the better the volume will be. As simple as that.

5. East Or West Studs Are Best

A piece of studs has a value of thousands. When in doubt, wear studs. It penetrates through the word simplicity in such a way that no other jewellery can ever make you feel the same.  Another quintessential fact is that it has been known for giving foremost priority to comfort which is the main criteria of any fashion. 

Studs wrapped around with 92.5% silver is a deadly combination. All you need to possess is your confidence. So, whether you try it  with your kurtis or a chiffon saree, it kills it!

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“Take it easy”. That’s the speciality that lies in every silver jewellery. So, done for today’s blog about five ways to style silver jewellery with any traditional wear. Make sure you follow these. 

Have a great day!

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